Crafting, Coding, & Circuitry – BASIC (Workshop)

This workshop will focus on the utilization of a makerspace to promote problem-solving, self-directed learning and collaboration. During the workshop, teachers will engage in designing and making interactive objects that include conductive sewing, electric circuits, physical computing, coding, and other STEM activities that can be applied directly to classroom content. A salient theme of this course is understanding how a learning-by-demand model fosters student creative learning, knowledge construction, communication and collaboration skills across multiple content areas. Participants will receive a STEM kit with the necessary workshop tools & equipment to conduct hands-on activities. Supplemental materials such as cardboard tubes, paper, scissors, etc. will be supplied by the participants. 

*A STEM Sampler Pack is provided in this workshop and includes:

  • Bristlebot
  • Solar Cockroach / Origami Circuit
  • LED Name Badges (2)
  • Jumbo LEDs / Paper Circuit
  • Crazy Circuits Battery Holder / LEGO and Sewing Circuits
  • Crazy Circuits LED / LEGO and Sewing Circuits
  • 1/4 Inch Maker Tape
  • 1/8th Inch Maker Tape
  • Conductive Thread
  • Instruction Cards
  • Computer Science:Microbit 2.0 Go Bundle
  • STEM Kits:Makey Makey Classic

* Subject to change based on inventory and availability.

Prerequisite: None

University of Indianapolis

Instructor: John Somers, Ph.D.

Mary Rinehart

Kim Brand

Credit Hours: 30 PGP

Date: 6/21/2021 – 6/25/2021
(9 am – 4 pm each day)

Location: Online

Teacher Level: K-8

Crafting, Coding, & Circuitry – Basic Learning Outcomes and Overview

Registration Notes:

  • This workshop is part of the blue track for Summer I 2021. Teachers may register for one course, and one raffle, and one conference/workshop each in Summer I Blue, Summer I Purple, and Summer II.
  • In order to register for this workshop, teachers have to apply and be accepted into the STEM Teach program. If you are interested in this workshop and have NOT already applied, please contact Christel Cater for more information.  Registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis and registration may fill quickly. Please click here to learn more about the STEM Teach program and how to apply.