CHEM 580 Physical Biochemistry (Graduate)

An illustration of the physical principles underpinning the structure and dynamics of biomolecules, as well as experimental and computational methods used to study biochemical systems.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to describe the structure of proteins and nucleic acids, analyze the interactions underpinning the conformations and structures of proteins and nucleic acids, describe the principles and mechanisms associated with protein folding, explain and analyze the thermodynamics associated with ligand binding, describe the photophysics of biological macromolecules, describe and explain the principles associated with biophysical methods used to study macromolecular structure and dynamics, and compare, contrast, and propose the application of different biophysical methods.

Prerequisite: Undergraduate chemistry coursework

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Indiana University

Semester: Winter/Spring 2023

Instructor: Professor Yu Kay Law

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Dates: 1/9/2023 – 5/1/2023

Location: Online Asynchronous

Teacher Level: Grades 9-12

Graduate Certificate Available: Yes

Master’s Completion Option: Yes

Master of Arts for Teachers in Chemistry