CS 101 Fundamentals of Computing (Undergrad)

The main focus of the course is to give students a practical understanding of computing to become well-informed citizens and professionals in the computing age. Topics may include a basic study of computational thinking, computer security, big data, artificial intelligence, and current trends in computing.



The course outline includes:

  • How Computers Work: Binary number systems, protocols, and basic circuits
  • What is inside a computer : CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc.
  • Internet 101 : how data is moved around the internet
  • Computer and internet security : how do you know your data is secure?
  • Servers and such : logging into a server, transferring files
  • Python basics : Learning the Python 3 programming language
  • Computational problems : things computers can do really well, and things that are impossible for
    computers to solve
  • Artificial intelligence : different meanings of the term, examples

Prerequisite: None

Related Offerings:
CS 151 Intro to Computer Science (Spring 2020)
ITSC 121 Computer Programming I (Python) (Spring 2020)
ITSC 122 Computer Programming II (Python) (Summer I 2020)

Indiana State University

Instructor: Luke May Luke.May@indstate.edu 

Credit Hours: 3

Date: 1/19/2021 – 5/7/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades K-12