CS 151 Intro to Computer Science (Undergrad)

CS 151 explores core concepts that are foundational in computer science – including programming, use of computers for dealing with files and programs, how data is stored and number systems. The course focuses on building skills needed for programming. further study in computer science and intermediate mastery of a particular programming language.

Note for educators: CS 151 is among the ISU courses recommended to be taken to prepare for the Indiana computer educator licensing exam (along with CS 101 Fundamentals of Computing, CS 260 Object Oriented Programming, ECT 173 Fundamentals of Information Technology and a new course CS 305 Computer Science Teaching Methods to begin being offered in 2020-2021).

Prerequisite: No course prerequisites. Those taking the course should have regular access to a computer (operating system does not matter) with a reliable internet connection. All software used for the course is freely downloadable online, and assistance is provided for software setup.

Related Offerings:
CS 101 Fundamentals of Computing
ITSC 121 Computer Programming I (Python)
ITSC 122 Computer Programming II (Python)

Indiana State University

Instructor: Dr. Jeff Kinne, Associate Professor and Assistant Chairperson of Computer Science

Credit Hours: 3 Undergraduate

Date: 1/14 – 5/8/2020

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grade K-12