DNA Necklace Classroom Kit

Teachers may register for one classroom kit, one conference, and one course per term.

During the Full Fall 2023 registration period, teachers may register for the chance to receive a DNA Necklace classroom kit. Once the Full Fall registration period closes, one teacher is chosen at random to receive the classroom kit including professional development information.

Using the kit, students will extract DNA by lysing their cheek cell sample, then watch as wispy white strands of their own DNA precipitate out of a solution containing ethanol. After transferring their DNA to plastic microcentrifuge tubes, students fashion the tubes into DNA pendant necklaces using colorful string. This is one easy lab activity that really gets your students talking about DNA and science! The kit Includes enough materials for 32 students.

The kit also includes a 1-year access to digital resources that include a teacher’s manual, student guide, fill-in answer sheets, editable assessment questions, whiteboard resources, and more.

We have 1 kit to give away and only 50 registrations for the drawing will be accepted. Kits will be mailed to teachers in late August.

STEM Teach VI Classroom Kit

Date: 7/24/23 – 7/28/23

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades 9-12