EDCI 52001 C & I Seminar I/Multicultural Education (Master’s Completion)

In this orientation, students will explore what online learning entails and reflect on how they can best set themselves up to succeed in their studies. They will also learn about various learning strategies and online resources that they can utilize in your courses. 

Note: In order to enroll in this course, teachers must have completed the Integrated STEM Graduate certificate in the Winter/Spring II 2024 semester.  Only teachers accepted to the Master’s Completion Program may register for this course.  Registration will begin on March 11, 2024, and will be done by a STEM Teach staff member.  Teachers will not register for this course through the STEM Teach portal.

Graduate Certificate: If you are seeking the Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction from Purdue University, the completion of EDCI 52001, 52004, 52002, 52003, and 67900 are required.

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Purdue University

Semester: Summer I 2024

Instructor: Holly Fiock

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Dates: 4/29/24 – 6/23/24

Location: Online Asynchronous

Teacher Level: Grades K-12

Master’s Completion: Yes

EDCI 52001 Syllabus