EDCI 53900 Introduction to K-12 Integrated STEM Education (Graduate)

This course will provide students with a conceptual understanding of integrated K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) education and the nature of the disciplines of STEM.  Students will explore implications of integrated approaches to STEM, national teaching standards and current research.

Prerequisite: None

Note: In order to earn this certificate, teachers should begin in Summer I 2023 and continue with subsequent courses as they are offered from STEM Teach through Purdue University.  If they cannot take a course in Summer I 2023, they may begin the sequence of courses in Summer II 2023.  

Due to prerequisites, teachers will not be eligible to begin in Fall 2023 or Winter/Spring 2024 if they do not enroll in a Summer I or Summer II 2023 course.

Graduate Certificate:  If you are seeking the STEM certificate from Purdue University, the completion of EDCI 53900, EDCI 55850, EDCI 54900, EDCI 55950, & EDCI 55800 are required.

Related Offerings:
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EDCI Engineering Design Practicum (Summer II 2023)
EDCI Assessment in STEM (Fall II 2023)
EDCI Teaching Eng/Tech Design in K-12 (Winter/Spring I 2024)
EDCI Integrated STEM Methods (Winter/Spring II 2024)

Purdue University

Semester: Summer I 2023

Instructor: Elizabeth Thiel

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Dates: 5/1/23 – 6/25/23

Location: Online Asynchronous

Teacher Level: Grades K-12

Graduate Certificate Available: Yes

Master’s Completion Option: No