EDCI 55800 Methods of Integrated STEM

Focuses on operationalizing the theoretical pedagogical approaches to integrated Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Agriculture (STEM) education. Collaboratively and cooperatively investigate, plan and deliver integrated learning experiences appropriate for secondary education. Course content will blend philosophical considerations with practical application. Permission of instructor required. 

Note: In order to enroll in this course, teachers must have started their progress toward the graduate certificate in the Summer 2023 cohort through Purdue University. Only teachers admitted to the Summer 2023 cohort may register for this course.  Registration will begin on November 20, 2023 and will be done by a STEM Teach staff member.  Teachers will not register for this course through the STEM Teach portal.

Graduate Certificate: If you are seeking the STEM certificate from Purdue University, the completion of EDCI 53900, 55950, 54900, 55850, and 55800 are required.

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EDCI 53900 Intro to Integrated STEM (SU I 23)
EDCI 55950 Engineering Design Practicum (SU II 23)
EDCI 54900 Assessment in STEM (FA II 23)
EDCI 55850 Intro to Teaching Engineering & Tech Design in the Context of Int STEM (W/S I 24)
EDCI 55800 Integrated STEM Ed Methods (W/S II 2024)

Purdue University

Semester: Winter/Spring II 2024

Instructor: Nathan Mentzer

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Dates: 3/4/24 – 4/27/24

Location: Online Asynchronous

Teacher Level: Grades K-12

Graduate Certificate Available: Yes

Master’s Completion: Yes

EDCI 55800 Syllabus

Master of Science in Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Concentration in Integrated STEM Education – Coming Soon!