GOBOX Plus Classroom Kit

Teachers may register for this promotion along with one course and one workshop. 

STEM Teach is raffling off classroom kits for teachers and the Summer 2021 registration includes a chance to win a GOBOX Plus Classroom Kit. The kit is an assortment of 400 reusable connectors plus over 500 geometric cardboard shapes. The kit has enough connectors and cardboard for 30 students to get them building anything they can imagine. Add your own repurposed boxes for endless raw material. No messy glue or expensive tape, these connectors have the additional benefit of allowing students to rework and refine their projects over and over again. 3DuxDesign connectors can be used for model making of any type.

STEM Teach IV Promotion

Date: 3/15/2020-4/2/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades K-5