IT 533 Data Mining (Graduate)

Motivated by the growth of data collections routinely kept by many organizations, and by the high potential value of patterns discovered in those collections, Data Mining focuses on identifying useful regularities in large data sets, turning these regularities into models, and using these models to forecast future data behavior. For instance, bar code and loyalty card readers at supermarket checkouts generate data that can be used to predict future shopping trends among a certain demographic, and daylight length, temperature, and rainfall data collected at strategic locations is used for weather forecasting. This makes Data Mining a broad area that integrates techniques from machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and database systems, for the analysis of large volumes of data.

This course gives a summary exposition of these techniques and their tools and is built for teachers delivering the knowledge to middle- and high-school learners.

Prerequisite: IT 502 Introduction to Programming

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Valparaiso University

Semester: Summer I 2023

Instructor: Sonja Streuber

Credit Hours: 3

Date: 5/16/23 – 6/23/23

Location: Online Asynchronous

Teacher Level: Grade 9-12

Graduate Certificate Available: Yes

Master’s Completion Option: Yes

IT 533 Syllabus

Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction

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