IT 540 Web Programming (Graduate)

An introduction to web technology, covering a number of specific systems, such as html, PHP, MySQL, and javaScript. A laboratory component provides hands-on experience. 




Course Objectives

    • Demonstrate basic competency in Web development and programming.
    • Explain the basic concepts of the Internet, client-server architecture, features, and tools. 
    • Explain and distinguish the types of software capabilities that can be programmed for the client side and the server side. 
    • Develop a basic Web site and set of Web pages using a modern Web development tool. 
    • Explain and apply basic Web design and usability principles. 
    • Develop and incorporate software capabilities in Web pages using various programming languages. 
    • Deploy a basic Web site on a Web server. 
    • Explain basic privacy and security issues. 
    • Explain applications of Web-based technology in the real world and give examples. 
    • Demonstrate “hands on” proficiency in using computer software tools and/or languages to accomplish the above course objectives. 
    • Explain REST APIs, auto-scaling and automated management.
    • Demonstrate  proficiency in using services for hosting web applications.  
    • Explain and apply package management, staging environments, custom domains and SSL certificates.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in continuous deployment from Azure DevOps, GitHub, Docker Hub, and other sources.

Prerequisite: CS 157, ECE 251, IT 502 or consent of the instructor.

Sequential Offerings:
IT 502 Introduction to Programming (Spring 2020)
IT 510 Introduction to IT (Summer I 2020)
IT 533 Data Mining (Summer II 2020)
IT 632 Instructional Design in IT (Summer II 2020)
IT 600 Ethics in Information Technology(Fall 2020)
IT 560 Mobile Computing (Spring 2021)
IT 540 Web Programming (Summer I 2021)

Valparaiso University

Instructor: Saso Poposki

Credit Hours: 3

Date: 5/18/2021 – 6/28/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades 9-12