IT 560 Mobile Computing (Graduate)

This course provides experience creating applications in a mobile device environment for Android OS. Topics include the model, view, controller paradigm, user interaction, hardware device interaction, and common patterns of application behavior.

Some of the course goals include developing the ability to write apps for Android mobile devices, learning to design apps that will grow and be modified by using the Model-View-Controller paradigm, writing apps that access a wide variety of a mobile device’s components, including audio and picture files, phone calls, SMS, accelerometer, camera, and internet, and learning how to deploy apps both personally and commercially.

Prerequisite: IT 502 or the consent of the instructor

Valparaiso University

Instructor: Saso Poposki

Credit Hours: 3

Date: 01/25/2021 – 05/07/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades 9-12