Literacy and Science Curriculum Design I (Workshop) – AVAILABLE

This workshop will focus on how to reverse-engineer active genres in order to create authentic assignments. In particular, this workshop will focus on the intersection between science, symbol systems, and lab safety via home product labels, the Department of Labor chemical identification system, and the WIPP nuclear isolation project in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The workshop participants will work through sample texts before practicing scenarios they may choose to use in their classrooms later. Click Here for workshop Learning Outcomes.

Prerequisite: None

Sequential Offerings:
Literacy and Science Curriculum Design II

St. Mary’s College

Instructor: Jennifer Juszkiewicz

Credit Hours: 6 PGP

Date: April 4, 2020,  9AM – 4PM

Location: Face-to-Face at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, Madeleva 310

Teacher Level: Grade K-12