Makedo Classroom Kit

Teachers may register for one classroom kit, one conference, and one course per term.

During the Full Fall 2024 registration period, teachers may register for the chance to receive a Makedo Classroom Kit. Once the Full Fall registration period closes, one teacher will be chosen at random to receive the classroom kit including professional development information.

Suitable for classrooms, libraries, workshops, birthday parties, maker spaces, design studios and delightfully ambitious home projects (like the biggest cardboard fort… ever), this large kit will ignite the creative genius in all who use it.

The Makedo experience celebrates the process of wondering, imagining, creating, discovering, experimenting, failing, thinking and solving, all under the guise of play. Oh where was this kit when I was a kid?!?

We have 1 kit to give away and only 50 registrations will be accepted.  Kits will be mailed to teachers in mid to late August.

Eligibility: Grade 6-8 Teachers 


STEM Teach VI Classroom Kit

Date: Fall 2024

Location: Online

Grade level: 6-8