MPSY 5600 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences – Master’s Track Only (Graduate)

This course is a survey of the statistical techniques commonly used in psychological research including such topics as correlation, linear regression, t-tests, ANOVA and Chi Squares. Introduction to a computer-based statistical software package will be presented given the computation intensive nature of these techniques.

Note: This course follows an online asynchronous format.  The instructor will hold a weekly TechLive session, which is an opportunity to engage with the instructor, classmates, and course content synchronously via a live sessionPlease plan to attend these sessions.  Since each Tech Live session includes a 10 point follow-up reflection as an assignment, a recording will be made available following the session for students to view as an aid for successful completion of the assignment if students are unable to attend.

Prerequisite: None

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Indiana Tech

Semester: Summer II 2024

Professor: Dr. Justin Boyce

Credit Hours: 3

Date: 7/22/24 – 9/1/24

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grade 9-12

Graduate Certificate Available: No

Master’s Completion Option: Yes

MPSY 5600 Syllabus

Master of Science in Psychology

Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction