PHYS 503 Electromagnetism (Graduate)

This theoretical and problem-solving course focuses on the development and application of the integral and differential forms of Maxwell’s equations from phenomenological observations, culminating in the electromagnetic wave equations. Topics include potential theory, static and dynamic electromagnetic field equations in vacuum and media, and electromagnetic waves with select applications. 

Note: This course is designed for those seeking the credentials required by many regional accrediting bodies in order to be able to teach advanced placement, concurrent early college, and community college Physics courses.

Prerequisite: a bachelor’s degree with a physics major or be state certified (in any state) to teach Physics at a secondary school level, and PHYE-501 or equivalent. 

Physics 501 Mathematical Methods in Physics (Winter/Spring I 2022, Fall I 2022, & Winter/Spring I 2023)
Physics 502 Classical Mechanics (Winter/Spring II 2022, Fall II 2022, & Winter/Spring II 2023)
Physics 503 Electromagnetism (Winter/Spring I 2022, Winter/Spring I 2023, & Summer I 2023)
Physics 504 Intro to Quantum Mechanics (Winter/Spring II 2022 & Winter/Spring II 2023)
Physics 505 Quantum Mechanics II (Summer I 2022 & Summer I 2023)
Physics 506 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Summer II 2022 & Summer II 2023)

Indiana Wesleyan University

Semester: Summer I 2023

Instructor: Dr. Bradley Mauger

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Date: 5/2/23 – 6/26/23

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grade 9-12

Graduate Certificate Available: Yes

Master’s Completion Option: Yes

Master of Science in Physics in Education

Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction