PHYS 506 Modern Physics (Graduate)

This course develops the laws of thermodynamics from macroscopic observations and then demonstrates how they arise from the statistical, collective behavior of atoms and molecules. The statistical development encompasses classical systems (kinetic theory, transport phenomena, and ensemble theory) and quantum systems (systems of bosons and fermions).

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Formulate a biblical worldview utilizing the attained scientific knowledge in physics (no graded assignments for this objective). 
  • Solve problems in thermal and statistical physics by applying the mathematical formulation to observable systems.
  • Apply the equivalence of the different expressions of entropy.
  • Derive the macroscopic behavior and the laws of thermodynamics from an atomic basis by applying mathematical and statistical reasoning to collections of particles.
  • Explain boson and fermion systems using quantum statistical mechanics.
  • Model the relationship between mathematical results and observable behavior by utilizing computer algebra applications (e.g. Mathematica, Maple).

Prerequisite: A bachelor’s degree with a physics major or be state certified (in any state) to teach Physics at a secondary school level and PHYS-501 or equivalent. Note: This course is designed for those seeking the credentials required by many regional accrediting bodies in order to be able to teach advanced placement, concurrent early college, and community college physics courses.

Prerequisite Courses: PHYS-501 or equivalent (recommend PHYS-502, PHYS-503 or equivalents)

Sequential Offerings:
Physics 501 Mathematical Methods in Physics (Spring 2020)
Physics 502 Classical Mechanics (Summer I 2020)
Physics 503 Electromagnetism (Summer II 2020)
Physics 504 Intro to Quantum Mechanics (Fall 2020)
Physics 505 Quantum Mechanics II (Spring 2021)
Physics 506 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Summer 2021)

 Indiana Wesleyan University

Instructors: TBD

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Date: 5/4/2021 – 6/28/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grades 9-12