PSY 512 Theories of Personality (Graduate)

This course is designed to give students a clear and cogent introduction to this dynamic field. Organized by theory, this product discusses theorists who represent psychoanalytic, neopsychoanalytic, lifespan, trait, humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, and social-learning approaches, while demonstrating the influence of events on the development of their theories. It reviews current work on selected facets of personality including locus of control, sensation seeking, learned helplessness, optimism-pessimism, and positive psychology. The authors also explore how race, gender, and culture play a part in the study of personality and in personality assessment.

Specific Course Objectives include:

  • Students will gain an understanding of the role of personality theory in psychology and ways in which personality is assessed.
  • Students will gain knowledge of concepts constituting the major theories of personality and how they explain human behavior.
  • Students will be able to critically appraise research findings in personality psychology. Students will be able to compare personality theories based on scientific criteria.
  • Students will make connections across various theoretical perspectives to see how they each can contribute to a more complete understanding of human behavior.
  • Students will be able to apply course concepts to their interpretation of real-life situations.

Prerequisite: None

Sequential Offerings:
PSY 501 Research Methods (Summer I 2020)
PSY 506 Social Psychology (Summer II 2020)
PSY 512 Theories of Personality (Fall 2020)
PSY 518 Cognitive Neuroscience (Spring 2021)
PSY 515 Abnormal Psychology (Summer I 2021)

University of Saint Francis

Semester: Full Fall 2021

Instructor: Kenneth Nashkoff, Ph.D

Date: 8/23/2021 – 12/10/2021

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grade 9-12