PSY 510 Lifespan Development (Graduate)

This course examines the bio-psychosocial aspects of development across the lifespan. Growth and development of the physical body, motor skills, intellectual skills, emotional and social behavior will be traced from the prenatal period through late adulthood, including the processes of dying and bereavement.

Prerequisite: None

Prerequisite Courses: None

Sequential Offerings:
PSY 501 Research Methods
PSY 506 Social Psychology
PSY 510 Lifespan Development
PSY 512 Theories of Personality
PSY 515 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 518 Cognitive Neuroscience

University of St. Francis

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth H. Nashkoff

Credit Hours: 3 Graduate

Date: 1/13/2020 – 3/6/2020

Location: Online

Teacher Level: Grade 9-12