Teaching 6-8 Comp. Science in IN (Workshop) – CLOSED

This workshop has two main aims – bring educators up-to-date on computer science grade 6 – 8 standards in Indiana and build skills and knowledge in content and pedagogy needed to meet the standards. The workshop is broken into three, two-hour sessions – Getting Started with Indiana State Standards, Teaching as Stand-alone or Special and Integrating with Math and Science. The first session includes the following: exploration of 6-8 computer science standards, preparing students for computer science iLEARN questions, state of Indiana resources, other online resources and a roadmap for meeting standards in existing courses (including in a stand-alone special or technology course). The second and third sessions explore the roadmap in detail through use of existing resources and developing case studies that can be used in existing courses. Click Here for Learning Outcomes.

Note: An attendee may choose to substitute a session or two from the “Teaching Programming Intro” workshop if that better meets his/her needs. 

Prerequisite: No previous computer science experience will be assumed. Attendees will benefit from bringing a functioning laptop; this is not required.

Indiana State University

Instructors: Jeff Kinne – jkinne@indstate.edu
Devon Kinne – Devon.Kinne@indstate.edu

Credit Hours: 6 PGP

Date: 1/16 & 2/20 & 4/2/2020 (5 – 7 p.m.)

Location: Face-to-Face at Indiana State University, 200 N 7th St., Terre Haute, Indiana 47809

Teacher Level: Grade 6-8