Teaching of Chemistry for Elem. Educators (Workshop)

This workshop has been cancelled.

This hybrid workshop is designed to provide professional development for elementary school teachers. The pre-workshop learning activities and interactive workshop equip teachers with chemistry content knowledge, classroom materials and fun hands-on experiments that they can replicate in their own classrooms. Furthermore, participants will collaborate with other education professionals to expand their network of colleagues. The learning activities and experiments align with Science and Engineering Process Standards (SEPS.1-SEPS.4); Third Grade Science Standard 3.ESS.3; and Fifth Grade Science Standards 5.PS.1, 5.PS.2 and 5.PS.3. Topics include matter, measurement, chemical and physical properties, atomic structure and periodicity, conservation of mass, chemical bonding and acids and bases. Click Here for workshop syllabus and Learning Outcomes.

Prerequisite: Elementary Education Teacher Certification, 6 hours of online coursework prior to the face-to-face session

Workshops are designed to be regional professional development opportunities. Teachers may register for any available workshop that is not within their region; however, STEM Teach does not reimburse for travel expenses.

Oakland City University

Instructor: Sarah Wilson, Ph.D.

Credit Hours: 12 PGP

Date: 06/29/2020 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m. CST) 6 hrs. online prior to Face-to-Face 

Location: Face-to-Face at Oakland City University, 138 N. Lucretia Street, Kennedy Center, Room 308, Oakland City, IN 47660

Teacher Level: Grade K-5