Teaching Programming Intro (Workshop)

This workshop program aims to build basic programming skills which are needed in teaching many different computing courses in high school. The workshop is broken into three, two-hour sessions. Each session has two primary focuses – building programming skills and building skills in developing assignments and assessing student work. The three sessions are – Block-Based Programming, Python Programming I, Python Programming II. The first session builds skills using the most popular in-browser programming environments that are used as first programming environments at many levels. The second two sessions build skills in the most popular first text-based programming language. Click Here for Learning Outcomes.

Prerequisite: No previous programming or computer science experience will be assumed. Attendees will benefit from bringing a functioning laptop; this is not required.

Indiana State University

Instructor: Dr. Jeff Kinne – jkinne@indstate.edu,
Devon Kinne – Devon.Kinne@indstate.edu

Credit Hours: 6 PGP

Date: 3/12 & 4/16 & 5/7, 2020 (5 – 7 p.m.)

Location: Face-to-Face at Indiana State University at 200 N 7th St., Terre Haute, Indiana 47809

Teacher Level: Grade 6-12