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Higher Ed. Institutions

STEM Teach IV – The Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) and the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) are continuing the successful initiative STEM Teach, now in its fourth adaptation. STEM Teach IV will expand on the achievements and successes of previous iterations of the initiative to focus on four specific areas of professional development for Indiana educators.

The primary concentration of funds will be for high school teachers needing graduate level courses in STEM discipline areas to meet the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirement for teaching dual-credit courses by 2023. STEM Teach IV will accelerate the process and provide ample opportunity for teachers to meet the credentialing requirements for dual-credit teachers.

The three additional areas of STEM Teach for this fourth iteration are as follows:

  • Online STEM Workshops offered by local colleges and universities to boost STEM instruction in the classroom for elementary, middle and high school teachers
  • Graduate and undergraduate courses offered through colleges and universities to assist teachers with enhancing STEM instruction and/or adding a STEM content area to their existing teaching license
  • Scholarships for teachers to attend STEM-based statewide conferences or raffles for STEM project classroom kits



Postsecondary institutions are encouraged to submit proposals to offer courses through STEM Teach IV. Tuition, books and materials for these courses will be offered at no cost to teachers employed at public and charter schools in Indiana by utilizing the funds available through the STEM Teacher Recruitment Fund to pay colleges and universities for tuition, books and materials.

Undergraduate and graduate courses will be offered for a minimum of six semesters to include Spring 2020, Summer I 2020, Summer II 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer I 2021 and possibly Summer II 2021 if funding allows. Courses may be offered in an online or hybrid approach. Since teachers from all regions of Indiana are eligible to apply, an online course format for graduate level courses is often the method of course delivery preferred by teachers due to their various locations, time zones and school schedules.

Based on the course selection process, an online course catalog and web-based registration system are available for teachers prior to each semester. Registration lists for each course and workshop are provided to the institution offering the course with the agreement that teachers will not have to endure a laborious process for enrolling in courses at any institution.

Proposal Documents

The deadline for proposals was October 18, 2019.  

HE Request for Proposals for STEM Teach IV (Updated 9/24/19)

STEM Teach IV HE Graduate Course Proposal Form

STEM Teach IV HE Undergraduate Course Proposal Form

STEM Teach IV HE Workshop Proposal Form (Updated 9/24/19)

Investing in the Future

The careers fueling Indiana’s economy and future growth require STEM-related skills and experience,” said Indiana’s Higher Education Commissioner Teresa Lubbers. “Training more Hoosier teachers in these subject areas and ensuring they are working in schools that have a shortage of those subject areas is critical to the goal of having more Hoosiers prepared to succeed in high-demand STEM fields.