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What is STEM Teach VI?

The primary focus for STEM Teach VI will be on high school teachers needing graduate level courses in STEM disciplines to meet the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirements for teaching dual-credit courses by 2025. STEM Teach VI accelerates the credentialing process and provides ample opportunity for these teachers to meet the credentialing requirements.

What are the goals of STEM Teach VI?

The goal is two-fold. First, to focus primarily on high school teachers needing graduate level courses in STEM disciplines to meet the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requirement for teaching dual-credit courses by 2025. Second, to provide professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers to boost STEM instruction in Indiana classrooms and add STEM content areas to their existing teacher license.

What is the timeline and format for courses?

Graduate courses will be offered in the following semesters: Fall 2023, Winter/Spring 2024, and Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter/Spring 2025, and Summer 2025 (as funding allows).  Since teachers from all regions of Indiana are eligible to apply, an online course format for graduate level courses is the required method of course delivery for teachers due to their various locations, time zones, and school schedules. Courses may be offered in an online only, synchronous or asynchronous approach.

Timeline for courses-HE page

How are the grant funds distributed?

STEM Teach VI does not involve sub-grants to institutions. Participating institutions will propose courses at specific amounts and be reimbursed at the end of a course for tuition, books and materials within STEM Teach guidelines. A breakdown of the financial information is available here.

What is a campus liaison?

A campus liaison is the person at each institution who is responsible for coordinating STEM Teach efforts for that campus. This provides STEM Teach with a single point of contact for information and questions.

Will STEM Teach pay participating universities a University Administrative Fee and Stipend Liaison fee for every course offered?

No, STEM Teach will only pay University Administrative Fees and Stipend Liaison fees for courses that were accepted via the formal proposal process. Tuition and textbooks will continue to be reimbursed at the rate previously proposed and accepted for each university.

Proposals FAQs

What is the course proposal process?

Higher Eds submit courses for consideration into STEM Teach via a proposal form. Course proposals are now closed for STEM Teach VI.

Courses FAQs

Can institutions offer workshops through STEM Teach VI?

STEM Teach VI is not planning to offer workshops.

Can institutions develop new courses?

Yes. However, additional funds are not available for course development through STEM Teach.

How will courses be chosen for inclusion in the STEM Teach VI catalog?

STEM Teach VI will review all proposals and create the final course catalog based on alignment with dual credit teachers’ needs and a variety of participating institutions.

STEM Teach VI includes a wide variety of ICI member and public institutions to help high school teachers earn dual credit credentials and boost STEM instruction in the Indiana classroom.

You can access the course catalog here.

When can courses be offered?

Courses will be offered beginning in Fall 2023.

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