Make! Creation Through Imagination

A K-8 STEM & Maker Education Workshop

DATE: May 17, 2022 | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
LOCATION: University of Indianapolis – Schwitzer Student Center 1400 E. Hanna Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227

Students learn best by doing. Imagination-powered education makes learning and teaching fun. That’s why the makerspace movement is inspiring classrooms across the country. 

So, what is a makerspace? It’s a classroom creativity hub where students design, build, and learn through hands-on projects aligned with academic standards. Sailing boats, designing robots, experimenting with gardening—the words “I wonder” lead the way. 

STEM Teach Indiana and 1st Maker Space partnered to deliver a hands-on conference all about creating and using makerspaces in K-8 classrooms. The workshop helped more than 125 educators from across Indiana:

  • Learn to develop makerspace projects across all subject matters
  • Explore how to coach students through the Engineering Design Process
  • Gain tips for using math to reinforce grade level standards 
  • Discover strategies for infusing literacy and reading into STEM projects
  • Gather resources for creating a sustainable maker movement in your school

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MAKE! Presentations: Missed a session or wish you could review the materials? Now you can! All MAKE! presenters have supplied their presentation decks for you to access and share with your fellow educators.


Falling in Love with Learning, Again

Education is experiencing a drain related to the love of learning and teaching. In 5th grade, student engagement averages 75%. By 12th grade, that number is just 34% according to Gallup.

Is the passion for education really gone?

Not at all, it just needs a little TLC. What can we do to create more joy for both students and teachers? Makerspaces bring creation through imagination and hands-on learning. Let’s fall in love with learning—all over again.

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TeacherGeek Workshops:

Sail Car Workshop (Grades K-1) Toy Design Workshop (Grades 2-4)

Harness the power of wind—on land—and there will be smooth sailing ahead for this incredible STEM activity kit! Explore how you can facilitate students to work through the engineering and design process—designing sail cars for speed, distance, and even to ferry school supplies across the room.

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Create a unique pull toy with animated parts that move as they roll! Follow the engineering design process to brainstorm, build, iterate, and redesign innovative toys. Explore how to embed scientific and mathematical concepts—including simple machines, potential, and kinetic energy into building a toy.

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Launcher 2.0 (Grades 5-6) Wind Lift Workshop (Grades 7-8)

Ready. Aim. Launch! Get hands-on with Launcher 2.0, a STEM activity kit designed to advance the classic catapult lab. Discover how to facilitate student learning as they build, test, and improve Launcher 2.0 while exploring angles, precision, and accuracy along the way.

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Design and build a wind lift to capture and experience the power of wind! This hands-on STEM kit makes learning about power, energy, mechanical advantage, and other scientific concepts fun and understandable. Explore how to engineer a wind turbine to lift a heavy load or raise a bucket with speed.

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Breakout Sessions:

Service Learning Makerspace Projects Literacy & TeacherGeek Creating a Culture of Making & Innovation

Let’s explore opportunities to incorporate serving others through makerspace projects. Activate student imaginations to design and create something that makes a difference in the lives of others!

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Books open a new, great world of STEM opportunities! Explore and share book titles, ideas for incorporating literacy and reading into STEM projects, and connections to TeacherGeek kits.

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One of the most successful ways to sustain a makerspace is by creating a culture of making within the school community. Explore various ways of connecting the school and local community to make the most of a makerspace.

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Engineering Notebook Math & TeacherGeek Makerspace Safety

Navigate how to coach students through the engineering design process using the TeacherGeek Engineering Notebooks.

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Explore the math hidden within TeacherGeek projects and learn how to extract that math to reinforce grade-level standards.

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There’s no room for injuries in a makerspace! Learn safety guidelines for makerspaces and tips for creating a culture of safety.

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KEEP Learning:

Want to advance your skills in maker education and get others involved? 1st Maker Space offers an “Intro to Maker Education” 10-hour online course. MAKE! participants get 50% off through December 31 making it just $99 (use the code MAKE). The course covers the why behind maker education, how to shape a learning environment centered around making, how to create a school/community culture of making, and tips for using 3D printers, laser cutters, and other STEM kits.

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1st Maker Space also is offering its Maker Curriculum for FREE for a limited time. Each lesson is aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards, Indiana Employability Skills Framework, and STEM Careers. The lessons combine several subjects and standards to create hands-on projects for all grade levels.

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