Funding Courses for Master's Degree

Supporting Teachers Who Need to Complete a Master’s Degree for Dual Credit Credentialing

STEM Teach V is excited to share that a limited amount of funding is available to support teachers who have completed 18 graduate hours in a STEM content area through STEM Teach and are in need of a master’s degree for credentialing. Graduate courses not listed in the STEM Teach V catalog will be available to teachers who apply for this opportunity. This opportunity is provided on a first come-first serve basis.

Tuition and books are included for one course per semester at a participating STEM Teach higher education partner. Review the Eligibility Requirements below to see if you qualify!

Note: STEM Teach is unable to pay college application fees, admin fees, etc. Be sure to check with your school or corporation for assistance to cover these costs.


Funding is limited for this opportunity and there are eligibility criteria for teachers to participate. The requirements are as follows:

  • Complete 18 graduate credits through STEM Teach in one content area (biology, chemistry, computer science/IT, math, physics, or psychology) for dual credit credentialing
  • Receive confirmation of meeting dual credit credential requirements through school’s dual credit credential provider
  • Teaching in an assigned teaching position at an Indiana K-12 school
  • Work towards a master’s degree at an Indiana higher education public or private institution for dual credit credentialing purposes
  • Profile in STEM Teach must be dual credit status
  • Earn a C+ or higher in each course to continue participating

How to Participate

Once a teacher determines that they may be eligible for this funding opportunity, contact STEM Teach to request an opportunity to participate. Once eligibility is confirmed, teachers will need to take the following steps:

  • Contact STEM Teach to confirm that the higher education institution that you are considering will participate as a provider in this funding opportunity.
  • Contact the higher education institution if you are not currently approved in a master’s program, request a transcript review to determine which STEM Teach credits transfer (if pursuing a master’s degree at a university different than that where 18 graduate credits in a content area were completed), and complete the higher education institution application if interested in moving forward with master’s program.
  • Once approved for funding, register for a course and send the name and course number to for grant reporting purposes.
  • Textbooks costs (up to $180) vary by institution and are included or will be reimbursed.

Participating Higher Ed Partners for Master’s Degree Completion

For teachers who are working on or starting a master’s degree for the purpose of becoming credentialed to teach dual credit courses, STEM Teach Indiana may be able to fund the tuition and textbooks at several participating higher education institutions. The following options are some of the possible ways to complete a funded master’s degree:

Education focused –
Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Arts in Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction, or other master’s degree dedicated to perfecting the craft of teaching (remember, teachers still need 18 graduate credits in content area that are not focused on pedagogy).

Content focused –
Master’s degree in a content area or discipline, such as Master of Science in Mathematics, Master of Science in Biology, Master of Arts in English, or other content area approved by a school’s dual credit provider.

Which Master’s Degree Approach is the Right Fit for You?

Be sure to check back for additions to these options!

Education Focused

Content Focused