STEM Teach IV Offerings

Once accepted into the STEM Teach program, Indiana K-12 teachers may participate in graduate and undergraduate courses, regional workshops and receive scholarships to STEM conferences. Browse the offerings below to find your next FREE professional development opportunity.




  • Click HERE to view the new program catalog of all tentative offerings for STEM Teach IV. For full descriptions use the online course catalogs.
  • Please note that teachers NEW to STEM Teach can only register for offerings if they have applied during an application window and been accepted.
  • APPLICATIONS for teachers NEW to STEM Teach will be accepted February 25-March 22,2020.
  • REGISTRATION for Summer I offerings will open March 25-April 4, 2020.


Click HERE for a sneak peak of the Summer I 2020 offerings that will be available for registration March 25-April 4, 2020. Teachers NEW to STEM Teach must apply during an application window in order to register.

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